Just a perfect day

It doesn’t always happen, far from it, but sometimes it all just comes right.

Our shooter yesterday enjoyed the most beautiful summers day, gently breezes with the occassional  drop of rain but mostly big summer skies with a few nice clouds so we didn’t cook and a constant stream of birds in small flurries.. perfect!

Sitting under a lone oak tree in the midst of about sixty acres of fallen barley Don Davidson bagged himself at least 120 pigeon on his first trip out with Matt.

Dons big day out on the pigeons

Great day in virtually perfect conditions

In standing crops it can be difficult to pick all your birds and it was too warm to work the dogs all day so we called in a local friend and his dogs to help pick up at the close. Alan Cox brought an experienced dog and a youngster over in the late afternoon to work the crop in addition to Matt’s own enthusiastic Cocker.

Always consider inviting picker-uppers to get some valuable out of season working time for their dogs, it is another Win/Win deal for pest control pigeon shooters. Farmers don’t want their crops trampling by pest controllers nor do they want to be combining hundreds of rotten pigeon in a couple of weeks time.

Pick up whatever you can

Young and old dogs get some great experience

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