Deer stalking in Leicestershire

Deer numbers in the UK are on the rise and they need to be managed for their own good and for the sake of farmers precious crops. Being nocturnal most UK deer are rarely seen by the public so their existence, let alone the damage they cause, is unknow to most people. Banbi is the closest most families get to a deer!

Deer feed on vitually all arable crops as well as trees, especially young ones, doing millions of pounds worth of damage as well as destroying new timber plantings. In some woodlands there are virtually no new tree surviving long enough to replace the mature trees that will inevitably reach the end of their lives soon.

Professional deer management service

Professional deer management service

Most deer in the UK doing this damage are intruduced deer, escapees from deer parks, that have bred without any fear of natural predetors for decades. Red and roe deer are our truest native deer but most deer are fallow, sika, muntjak or Chinese water deer.

Deer management can be time consuming and expensive for farmers so provides another win/win opportunity for professional shooters to help out. The legal aspects of deer shooting are however more complex than other forms of game shooting and need careful consideration and should only be undertaken by experienced shooting guides.


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