New pigeon shooter makes his mark April 23rd 2013

Shooting pigeons for your local farmer isn’t always about big bags of hundreds of pigeons. Most of us start by making a modest dent in the pigeon pest problem and get better at it.

Going pigeon shooting with an experienced guide is the fastest and safest way to become a benefit to your local farmer, learning by making mistakes on his land won’t make you his new best friend even if you do thin out the pigeons a little for him.

Here is a nice example of a new pigeon shooters first bag, a respectable 11 woodies!

A respectable bag of 11 pigeon on his first outing

A respectable bag of 11 pigeon on his first outing

Our guest shooter has had a great day and learned a lot while also making a contribution to controlling Leicestershire’s pigeon problem. Even 11 pigeon will make a decent pie from the breast meat alone so our shooter will also be able to feed the tribe at home too!

Well done Pete!

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