Pike Fishing Spain

Perhaps the king of course fish, the pike, thrives in Spain. Here are some that definitely “Didn’t get away”

Enjoy classic pike fishing in Spannish weather, much better than the UK in every way!

Our French shooting agents are also long established organisers of amazing fishing trips across the border into Spain. They have a permanent camping set up at a lakeside venue called Fraga, near the city of Mequinenza between Barcelona and Zaragoza.

The waters behind the Riba-roja Dam and the Mequinenza Dam form a massive 127km long complex of rivers and lakes which have become a mecca for European fishermen.

These waters contain very large carp, zander ,pike and flatfish. Last season saw 33kg carp at Riba-roja with perhaps 40kg specimens yet to be caught. About 90% of carp are of the common variety with the remaining 10% mirror carp.

Pike caught in Spain

Pike caught in Spain

Your fishing guides are themselves French Championship fishermen with 20 years of local knowledge so you have the very best chance of finding big fish in this new landscape.

The organisation is first class and the equipment available onsite means you need not cart all your own gear out with you. Seriously, these guys don’t mess about and you won’t be lugging tons of gear about on an old trolley! 4x4s, ATVs and well powered boats are all available to get you to the best spots.

This is serious fishing for any angler but newbies are also welcome, don’t be over awed by the prospect of seriously big fish, the staff also love to introduce new anglers, but you might be spoiled for life!

Contact Matt for all types of angling trips to Spain.


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