The harvest in in but the pests are still out

The pests make the most of every opportunity so fields resting after the harvest is in present plenty of feeding opportunities for pests like pigeons and crows; Now is the time to thin them out.

October pests

A great days pest control in late October.

Good day on the maize,
– 141 crows
– 31 pigeons
– 262 shots, result!

It should go without saying but, go where the problems is and offer to help!

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Pigeon Shooting in Mid-February

pigeons shot february 2013

Just a few hours in mid February over rape crop yielded this result for shooters and farmer


In mid February pigeons rely heavily on rape crops that are little more than stubby plants to provide a daily feed. A flock can quickly strip a field of virtually all the visible green before moving on. This Leicestershire field yielded 100 pigeons and 7 corvids in just a few hours.

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