The thrill of the walked up day

We can’t all be farmers or the landed squire who can stroll thier fields at their leisure picking off pheasant, partridge, snipe or the odd hare but we can feel the experience during a walked up day. For many shooters this is a special kind of shooting day, a treat, something to savour.

Bring a small group of friends and your own dog, perhaps a youngster, add a couple of beaters with local experience and then walk!

Being free to walk hundreds of acres of mixed arable and woodland in search of seasonal quarry in the beauty of the English countryside is one of life’s true pleasures, make sure you experience it soon.

Call Matt for availabilty of dates. If you don’t have a party but would be interested in joining others on a day let Matt know about your experience level and he will see about getting you a suitable place on a day.

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