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Hi, my name is Matt Cole and welcome to my site all about shooting pigeon here in Leicestershire in the Midlands of the UK. For dates and fees for pigeon shooting days in Leicestershire please call me

Matt Cole on 07984 335124

Or, alternatively, send me a message so I can get back to you by phone or email, thanks.

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20 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi. I have friends in Nuneaton and would be good combine a visit with some shooting. How close are you to Nuneaton? Cheers

  2. Could I please ask where about in Leicester the Location is?
    Area is fine.
    How much do you charge for DIY pigeon shooting?
    Many thanks

  3. Hello Matt. I live just east of Oakham how far into Leicestershire are you? and do you go out every day?
    Thanks Darren

  4. Hi Matt, we are back again in Germany. Can you give me your Email, I send you some Fotos from the last days.
    best wishes and happy hunting

  5. Hi I am looking for a Friday and Saturday shoot with accommodation for Friday nite I have all my own gear . How much would it cost

  6. I want to know the cost of shipping for the turbocharged Flapper and 2 pack of nra fud pigeon .the nation for the shipping is the Republic of San Marino 47890.Shipped with Royal Mail international tracked e signed?Accepted payments with paypal?thanks a lot Marco Sanchi

  7. Big respect to Matt Cole for a super week loved every minute of it. I’ll be coming over every year. I highly recommend Matt he is very experienced and will surely make your experience a memorable one.

  8. Hi Matt,
    Could you contact me by mail to give me some details for pigeon hunting in Leicestershire
    thank you

  9. Had a guided day on Monday 4th July and Matt arranged for me to share a hide with Toby. Toby set us up on the edge of a barley field next to a narrow strip of layed barley over the next few hours we shot 78 birds which at the moment is a cracking day and a new PB for me – well done Matt and Toby – Brilliant!!!

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