Rabbit shooting and land management

Pest control can be a time consuming business and harvest time is when the farmer has least time to spare. As crops come of the fields pest such as rabbits and foxes get concentrated into the last of the standing crop and it is an ideal time to reduce their numbers. Obvioulsy the farmer and his various skilled drivers are too busy to dispatch rabbits and foxes so this leaves a need for pest controllers to team up and follow the harvester.

Experienced guns can cover long sides of the crop and be trusted to shoot in close proximity to the moving machinery without compromising safety. This is not a job for enthusiastic amateurs! You have to know where your other guns are and to all stay on station. Know your ranges and don’t use any very heavy loads or steel shot because they can carry too far or richochet of stones in the ground. Stick with a good solid game load like 28/32g No 5. No slugs, no buck shot or SG.

It is a long hard day but worthwhile especially if the farmer sees plenty of pests gone!

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