French shoot better than they play rugby…

Well even the French defeat at home to Ireland in the Six Nations didn’t put our French shooting visitors off their sport. 192 pigeon and a handful of corvid shot yesterday for a serious amount of shots taken. A total 346 in 3 days shooting over rape.

A solid 3 days for our latest French visitors.

A solid 3 days for our latest French visitors.

The energy concentrated in growing rape attract pigeon in spring timeĀ and flocks need breaking up and rousting about so that they don’t just settle on a easy spot and destroy a single field.

Scaring birds tend to just make a flock hungry and frustrated and even more determined to get down on to what they view as an oasis of green. Absolute numbers need to be kept down to reduce crop damage. Moving flocks from field to field isn’t going to reduce overall crop yield reductions. It really is them or us.

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