Working gun dogs are hard to find

If we believed everything in the advertisements for gun dogs then the countrside would be awash with the descendents of champions! It isn’t. A lot of, so called, gun dogs are distant offspring of dogs the were once working gun dogs but have long since become domestic dogs that go for a walk in the countryside. Many of these will make a half decent gun dog if rescued early from their idle lives but sadly many a good spaniel becomes demented by boredom. Don’t start there if you are looking for a gun dog puppy.

If you are going to give your dog a meanigful, happy life as a working gun dog please buy it from a working home with working parents. They are your best guide, but not guarantee, of getting the dog you really want to spend many years training and working. All the hip and back tests in the world aren’t as reliable as seeing a mature parent working happily in middle age and beyond.

September 2013 litter of working gun dogs

September 2013 litter of working gun dogs available only to working homes.

September Litter

Cocker spaniel pups
4 bitches
2 dogs
All black
Legally docked
KC registered
Ready for new homes on 25 October

Matt works his dogs year round raising a modest number of pups from his own lines, this is not a puppy farm! Call Matt to be considered for a puppy.

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