Who needs shooting insurance?

You do! I do. We all do.

Shooting in the UK is one of the safest activities you can participate in but it doesn’t mean it is free of all risks.

Anone can have an accident and anyone can be the subject of somebody elses accident.

If the worst happens you will be all on your own to deal with the consequences both legal and financial.

Landowners know this better than anyone and that is why they require shooters to hold their own insurance before coming on to their land. It is no good looking at your boots when asked about insurance and hoping you won’t be asked to show your insurance. That will get you barred from any shoot that finds out about it. Just do it, as the Nike ad says.

But why is it so important to get insurance and preferably insurance through a major body like BASC?

If somebody gets hurt and you played any part in the accident or everything that led up to the accident you could find yourself liable to a claim against you. It may sound unfair and you may not like it but that is not how things work. If someone is injured they make seek damages from you to compensate them for the injury and, more importantly, for the consequencs of any injury. If they can’t work or if they need assistance looking after themselves they will need finacial assistance and they will come looking for it from you.

Now, most of us aren’t worth millions of pounds so we couldn’t support a huge claim against us but we would struggle settling even a modest claim of a few thousand pounds plus the legal expenses for defending the claim. An important part of insurance is that if the injury is serious and the claim is huge then it may be settled from an insuance company from the thousands of policies it issues rather than from an unfortunate individual. Insurance helps you and it helps the injured party, it just works!

If you get your insurance though BASC you also get other huge benefits especially if you need advice on shooting related matters like Firearms Law or dealing with your landlord or FEO.

You can get some insurance cover though other bodies like the Gamekeepers Association, CLA, CA and other smaller trade associations. You may also feel you can get insured very cheaply though some other policies but make sure they are not insurers of last resort. Some insurance seem very cheap but when you call them they will try to find out you are covered, either fully or partially, under someother policy BEFORE they will help you! Not the response you want if you are worried and feeling under pressure.

BASC can offer you immediate cover if you apply online at so join now and support your sport as well as protect yourself and your shooting buddies.

Get the best!

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