Pigeon Shooting Leicestershire

We provide a dual service to Leicestershire farmers and shooters on a Win/Win basis, you get to shoot over thousands of acres of prime UK farmland and our farmers get help controlling the rising problem of wood pigeon damage to thier crops.

Although farmers are keen to see pigeon numbers controlled and, where possible reduced, they do not have the time or the knowledge to recruit and supervise pigeon shooters accessing their land. This is the job of the professional pigeon shooting guide.

We liase with Leicestershire farmers to find out where damage is taking the heaviest tole on crops then let pigeon shooting days to shooters who otherwise struggle to find permissions to shoot over. Win/Win. As your guide we will ensure that you have the appropriate insurances and instruction and will make sure you are only shooting when and where the land owner wishes.

Your shooting guide can and will try to put teams of shooters together so that they achieve the maximum impact on pigeon numbers and also scare away flocks from sensitive areas. They will also know about adjacent game shoots and release pens so that other shooting activities are not disturbed.

If you are new to pigeon shooting you will benefit from a professional guide helping you set up your hide in the most promising area and setting out your decoys to best effect. Nothing beats experience so make the most use of our knowledge to avoid basic mistakes. Don’t waste a dozen days sitting wondering why you are doing the business when you could start filling the freezer with pigeon from day one.

We can accomodate single shooters or small parties of friend wanting to shoot together. If you don’t have a shooting buddy then guided days are ideal for finding like minded individuals to shoot with in future.

For available dates and fees please call me Matt Cole on 07984 335124. Leave your name and number if I don’t pick up, I’m probably up to my neck in pigeons!

Alternatively E-Mail: pigeonshooting_leicestershire@hotmail.com



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  1. Just had a day with matt and have to say he doubled my best bag would of been more if I could shoot
    he did his utmost to make the day and it worked

    Thanks matt

  2. Hi matt.will have to cancel my request for pigeon shooting for two guns this saturday,due to work commitments,sorry about that.
    reguards john walsh.

  3. Hello there
    Can you plz provide me of how far travelling for shooting area from London and how much is the cost and when u will start taking booking n how many guns u can take in one trip. How long short notice u need to take parties out? Also I want to know if u do gun hire. Give me all the packages that u do with price list
    Many thanks

    • From London my closest bit of land is 100 miles I can accommodate for big teams but we will have to choose dates carefully as I’m very busy around harvest time . gun hire is no problem . any more questions please call 07984335124 cheers Matt

  4. One of the best guy MATT is in the shooting industry, I have been shooting on his perms for two years now and I must he will make sure that you have a good day. Above all he follows his principle and ethics. MATT you are true star pal, see you soon after the fasting is over.

    And hurrah for the Argentina trip , looking forward to that … Need to burn the barrels with the doves.

    Ali G

  5. hi mate
    i’m trying to get a group of people to go to argentina for some dove shooting and need some more info. could you give me a call when your free. (sure your busy at the minute 🙂 )
    07785502100 gavin

  6. Looking for a days shooting for between 2 and 6 shooters for a friends birthday. Can you either email me or phone me with some prices so i can see who would be interested. 07894607332. Thank you.

  7. Hi Matt, I would like to organize a trip for woodpigeon around July Agust 2015. Max Number of guns 4.Can you send me the price pleas. I need hides decoys magnet and a good place to shot hahajjj.
    Preferebly gun in each hide. Probably need the price of gun hire aswell.
    If I like the price WE mights come for 4/5 days with 4 guns.
    Mark,my mobile No 00 356 77477427.

  8. I would like to shoot pigeons with a friend of mine,could you please
    let us know what days are available,and the best time to be with you
    coming from London.

  9. Had many brilliant days with Matt and his team. Superb hosts, great laugh and he really knows his stuff. Looking forward to many more days shooting with him.
    Cheers Matt, from both myself and the Lairds Sporting Directory team

  10. What a great time we had as a group and it was run like clock work and Matt was more then accommodating for us all and the sport was great too
    Highly recommend him
    Scott milne

  11. Anybody looking for a good days pigeon shooting and some good all round banter stop talking about it and get in contact with Matt! Cracking chap! Always finds you some good sport on ground you have never touched! We have been to Matt a lot for various types of pigeon shooting and always enjoyed the day! Really does do his very best to put you in the best position possible! Being in the right place for pigeons is a hard task but Matt takes all the hard work out the equation for you! Get yourself down n enjoy a day out at a cheap cheap price! Cheers Matt!

  12. Myself and my dad had a great day out over the stubbles. Matt works with you all day checking you are getting the shooting, will move you if necessary, to keep you on the pigeons. Had around 50 birds in the glorious sunshine. Cheers Matt

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